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establishing a more humble leadership model

Sector: Financial services

Company: Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP) 

Role: Design Research, Content designer, Facilitator

Tools: Interviews, Projective techniques, Proof of concept, Workshops

Date: 2020


  • BCP comes from a background of authoritarian, formal and bureaucratic leaders focused only on achieving goals. However, the cultural transformation at BCP called "Samay" made leaders evolve.

  • BCP was developing a strategy and Leadership framework consisting of 5 expected behaviors (with 25 sub-behaviors). It had only been used currently for internal purposes (within the HR department), but it was time to communicate the framework to leaders at BCP.

* Due to the proprietary nature of this work, the case study will discuss my process and some of the work but at very high level.


As Project Lead, I designed and led all activities, but divided the field work with another researcher.

We interviewed +15 leaders from different areas, ages, genders, seniority and antiquity. 

By incorporating exercises and card sorting, we dug deeper on the perceptions, motivations, barriers and improvements regarding leadership. 

A proof of concept was conducted to understand how leaders perceived the bank's framework proposal and validate its adoption.

Participants from some of the interviews

Card sorting and proof of concept validation with participants

Analysis & discoveries

Based on the qualitative information collected, 2 personas with different mindsets (people-centric and results-centric) were defined. 

The research allowed us to understand that what differentiated people-centric leaders from others was humility, hence it should be a key pillar of the framework. 

Within the bank, the different divisions have different forms of leadership, hence personas were built to portray leaders from commercial, staff and agile divisions. 

Becoming a leader is not a process of pain, but of anxiety that could be relieved, so I presented a series of recommendations to help leaders reduce this anxiety.

co-creation workshops

I designed the content and experience of 4 co-creation workshops. These were the first virtual workshops held throughout all BCP at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, so designing and facilitating a virtual environment was completely new.  

I facilitated the 4 sessions with +30 leaders to finish adjusting the framework and co-create the deployment. 10 hours of collaborative work and of co-creation were held and +300 needs and ideas were collected.

Sample from the virtual workshops

* Blurred content due to the proprietary nature.


After handing off the HR Department, the next challenge was to improve the experience of leaders, possibly through the creation of a Leadership Brand so that all BCP leadership initiatives are integrated and consolidated, reducing cognitive overload.

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the right tools for employees

How might we enhance the day-to-day journey of the bank's branch employees through the tools provided for them? 

(before and during the COVID-19 pandemic)

bex 2.jpg


How might we turn remote advisors into the main interaction channel, leaving the bank branches as the last option? 

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