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redefining the role of

bank branch advisors

Sector: Financial services

Company: Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP) 

Role: Single designer, organizer and facilitator

Date: 2019


  • I strategized and design a workshop for 15  stakeholders.

  • The workshop was part of a large research project that aimed to define and design the right tools for employees.

  • The workshop focused on the profile with the most pains and frustrations, and the challenge was to brainstorm solutions. that allow the bank to keep the promises made with branch advisors regarding employee experience and work routines. 

  • The 15 participants were split into 2 groups. I facilitated the activities for one of the teams.


The workshop began with an empathy phase, where participants got to understand "Milagros" (the branch advisor persona). Based on research information, I illustrated a persona to represent the needs, goals and design principles of the bank branch advisors. The persona was used for stakeholders to better emphasize with the main user group and to facilitate discussions about the needs, desires and contexts during a workshop. The objective was for participants to refer to this persona throughout the ideation process.

image (3).png

"Milagros", the persona created to represent branch advisors.

* Blurred content due to the proprietary nature.


The participants went through 2 ideation loops:

  • On the first loop, participants had to brainstorm solutions on post-its for a general How Might We (HMW) question. 

  • On the second loop, participants received different HMW questions that took the situation to extremes (exaggerating some attributes and reversing other core attributes).

Some of the participants throughout the workshop.

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Captura de pantalla 2020-12-02 a la(s) 0
Captura de pantalla 2020-12-02 a la(s) 0

HMWs to trigger the second round of ideation

After coming up with a long list of alternative solutions, each team of participants began prioritizing the initiatives on a Ease vs Impact Matrix. The participants had to identify the initiatives that represented quick wins and major projects. Afterwards, the initiatives from both teams synthesized and calibrated on a single matrix. The participants voted for their favorites among the quadrants with high impact.

image (4).png

Ease and Impact Matrix with all the initiatives from the workshop. 

* Blurred content due to the proprietary nature.

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the right tools for employees

How might we enhance the day-to-day journey of the bank's branch employees through the tools provided for them? 

(before and during the COVID-19 pandemic)

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Shaping the future of peruvian banking

How might we anticipate future needs and generate initiatives to re-define the business model of banks?

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