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About me

I'm Valeria, a Researcher & Strategic Designer from Peru

I’ve been always curious and with a growing enthusiasm for understanding the complexity of human thinking, desires, behavior, influences and experience. Thus, I’m fascinated about the early stages of design that involve immersing myself in different contexts, observing people, listening to stories, asking questions, discovering insights analyzing patterns, and connecting the dots. As a designer, I apply user research, concept creation and co-creation through workshops to create holistic experiences from a human's point of view.


I contribute to businesses and non-profit organizations to expand their capacity for impact. I'm passionate about driving a positive impact in society through equitable access to basic services such as education, health and finance. I consider myself an educational advocate seeking to close the unequal opportunities gap and mobilize the world towards inclusion. I use design to address these inequities and create social innovation by being part of educational NGOs, mentoring aspiring higher-education students and teaching design thinking and business models to undergraduates. I am determined to become a leader that drives change in my country, through sharing my knowledge and passion for design, business and education. 

In my spare time, you would usually find me: 

  • eating chocolate

  • doing handstands

  • discovering hidden places in Peru

  • visiting art galleries and museums

  • spending time with my dog

  • managing my dog's Instagram account (started as a way to share as she grew but surprisingly got +12K followers in 8 months! Now over 22k followers. It's a fun hobby)

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