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Academic Projects

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revolutionizing an everyday haND warmer

How might we re-think a traditional product like hand warmers and transform them?

Advantage is a physiotherapy heating band specialized for everyday fitness enthusiasts who want to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle pain and recover after high performance activities. 

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creating a sense of companionship through an interactive and responsive built environment

Can a responsive environment construct a feeling of companionship through a shared tactile experience?

Can a new channel of communication be created through touch?

If there is a continuous exchange of tactile information, then the sensation of companionship can be heightened and the quality of communication enhanced. Meet your new companion, MAX.

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Designing a way for pets to be entertained during the day

Easy Treat is an automatic food tosser for pets that allows them to be entertained while their owner is not home. Whenever the pet comes close to the device, treats will be released. It can be configured so that the owner defines the time windows for dispensing the treats or food (can be used as a pet feeder as well, for anxious pets that need to eat slowly). 

The product is designed for an easy assembly, without glue or nails, ideal for travelling. It comes with a manual, ideal for families to assemble and configure together.

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designing a device that predicts and prevents ocean pollution

How might we generate a new economic model for the oceans that is based on being informed by the sea?

Aqua Scan is a marine device that track ocean and environmental data to detect the seasonal patterns of debris and anticipate its congregation and danger to the ecosystem. Real footage from the device is used to feed a VR game that enables players to generate awareness on the topic.

Project selected as one of the finalists for Grand Challenge 2022.


making a chair that enables users to step into nature & their roots

How might we design a chair that combines traditional handicrafts with natural aesthetics, biomimicry and sustainable manufacturing?

'Raiz' is a chair that does this and allows users to return to their roots by teleporting them to a private and meditative space, where, through the senses and being fully aware, they can connect with their origin, with nature and inner peace. 

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Engaging young adults in day-to-day sustainability

How might we democratize data & transparency around day-to-day sustainability to generate awareness & engagement among young adults in in Newcastle University?

A value set/rating is shown on the entrance to the business, appealing to status (as an underlying motive). Students are motivated to consume in high-sustainability restaurants because that reflect that they care for the environment as well.

Consumers, accumulate rewards and discounts when attending sustainable businesses.

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Designing dynamic spaces to empower a community

How might we use spaces to build emotional connections with daily users through community participation, collaboration and empowerment?

'Soapboxes' are flexible spaces that serve as a platform for members and communities to show off their work, talents and ideas, foster collaboration and grow their communities and followership. 

Powered by a digital platform to explore, book, host and join activities and events.

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Designing more sustainable feminine hygiene products

How might we re-design the massive-use commercial period pad to reduce its environmental impact?

Looking into natural alternatives and biomimicry to propose a systemic approach to sustainability,


Growing food at home in a self-sustainable & symbiotic way

How might we re-design the way we grow food to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable economy and consumption?

Aquaponic system that combines aquarium and garden into a self-sustaining ecosystem; making the global food system more resilient, while promoting healthier food choices among consumers.

waru waru.jpeg

Designing a more sustainable future inspired in biomimicry and ancient knowledge

How might we design the transition towards sustainability as the first step towards building a resilient and sustainable future based on nature and indigenous wisdom?

Designing day-to-day house products that include components for  sustainable consumption and behaviour change.

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