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workshops & facilitation

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imagining the future of work after the covid-19 pandemic

Co-creation Workshop (Virtual, 2020)

Role: Organizer and Facilitator

Team: Single designer and organizer

I was in charge of organizing and delivering 20 workshops with +170 leaders across 7 companies and 4 countries. The challenge was to define a sustainable model for work (after the COVID-19 vaccine is available) to maximize employees performance by enabling the necessary conditions to work in the new context and generate an extraordinary working experience. 

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shaping the future of peruvian banking

Future Thinking Workshop (Face-to-face, 2019)

Role: Content contributor and Facilitator

Team: 8 designers

The Future Thinking methodology allows us to imagine different futures and find business opportunities. As a collaboration between the Design Research Team, we came together to delivery a full-day workshop on Future Thinking for +30 key leaders and stakeholders. 

The workshop aimed to give an introduction on Future Thinking, inspire participants to imagine future scenarios for the bank, generate powerful initiatives from future scenarios and land them in a business model oriented to their implementation.


redefining the role of bank branch advisors

Strategic alignment Workshop (Face-to-face, 2019)

Role: Organizer and Facilitator

Team: Single designer and organizer

The workshop began with an empathy phase, where participants got to understand "Milagros" (the branch advisor persona). The participants went through 2 ideation loops (1st with a HMW question, 2nd with extreme HMWs that looked to exaggerate or reverse core attributes for the branch advisor). All of the ideas were mapped out on an ease vs impact matrix where the participants voted for their favorites among the easiest and highest impact quadrant.


naming the new performance and development model for bank employees

Naming Workshop (Face-to-face, 2019)

Role: Organizer and Facilitator

Team: 3 designers

The workshop started with an inspiration phase where the participants discovered several brands that had changed their names at some point in history. After setting the tone and presenting the objective, teams went through 3 ideation loops (1st free brainstorming, 2nd based on trigger words, 3rd based on core attributes). After voting for their favorites, one of its members presented the most voted name in front of other teams and explained its significance. 


building the ideal term deposit experience for wholesale clients

Co-creation Workshop (Face-to-face, 2019)

Role: Organizer and Facilitator

Team: Single designer and organizer


Term deposit experts started off by portraying their different client types on canvas templates. They mapped out the service blueprint of the actual process regarding term deposit for wholesale clients and afterwards shared benchmark information. Based on the client types, service blueprint and benchmark, the participants co-created the ideal solution and experience for term deposit clients. They build the client's journey map and the ideal service blueprint. 

NEo workshop mobile commerce experience.

scaling the mobile commerce experience

Co-creation Workshop (Face-to-face, 2018)

Role: Organizer and Facilitator

Team: 4 designers


Hands-on workshop where e-commerce and marketing managers (organized in multidisciplinary teams) designed through co-creation a design system to create scalable interfaces that enhance mobile e-commerce results.  

The wireframes from each team were prototyped and tested with users in real time to evaluate the usability of the proposals. The team with highest usability was named the winner of the session. 

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