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Digital prototypes 

& user flows


Offering instant loans

CHALLENGE: How might we offer clients and non-clients a fast, simple and secure way of obtaining instant loans?

COMPANY: Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP) 

ROLE: User Research, UX Design

TEAM: Single designer within a team of 4 people

DATE: 2016

BCP's accessibility was lagging behind as users needed to approach a branch in order to perform most requests. One of the products being impacted was Loans due to long face-to-face process with queues, geographic distance, working hours. BCP's Innovation Center was working on a solution, but started by focusing its MVP only for the bank's employees. The challenge was scaling the solution outside the bank, with clients and non-clients.

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Encouraging the creation of a savings plan

CHALLENGE: How might we encourage clients to start saving and turn their plans into reality?

COMPANY: Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP) 

ROLE: UX Design

TEAM: 2 designers (UX + Behavior)

DATE: 2019

BCP was the first bank in Peru to launch its mobile app many years ago, however, it focused mainly on account enquiries and statements, but didn't encourage the clients to use the account to make their plans come true. The challenge was to motivate a the user to through behavioral design and nudges within the bank's app. 

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learning through play

CHALLENGE: How might we get students interested in philosophy and enjoy the learning experience?

COMPANY: Universidad del Pacifico - Philosophy Course

ROLE: UX Design

TEAM: Single designer within a team of 3 people

DATE: 2016

As the final project for the Philosophy Course, teams had to create a game with Philosophy as theme to transform the learning process into a more enjoyable one.  

The game proposed was based on the idea of "Trivia Crack", a game that became very popular in Latin America.

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Getting where you need to

CHALLENGE: How might we lead bank visitors to where they need to go within the office without them getting lost?

COMPANY: Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP) 

ROLE: UX Design

TEAM: 2 UX designers 

DATE: 2019

BCP's offices are very confusing as there is no signaling to let you know where is the office or area you need  to visit, nor there are any maps. There is only 1 person who can guide visitors and she is nor at the front desk, so reaching her is already a challenge. 

The challenge was to design a solution that could guide visitors within the bank. The proposal included a totem at the front desk where you could enter either the office, area or contact person to identify where you need to go. A QR code allows you to transfer the process to your mobile phone and continue guiding as you walk (similar to Google Maps). Plus, it includes a chat to quickly communicate with your contact at the bank.

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