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discovering the unexpected

The first phase of human-centered design is the one that I am the most passionate about. Listening to people's stories, digging deeper on issues that seem insightful, and making sense of all of the information collected is what I enjoy the most and have focused most of my projects on. What thrills me the most is discovering unexpected experiences, perceptions and patterns. I’ve participated in +20 projects where I apply user research, concept creation and ideation workshops to develop innovative propositions and create holistic experiences from a human's point of view.

Professionally, I led the design team for the area of Cultural Transformation at the largest bank in Peru, hence plenty of my design projects have focused on employee experience and on proposing solutions based on behavioural design. This role has involved developing project briefs, negotiating with managers and product owners, delivering all projects with great client satisfaction and communicating the results to different audiences. 

Academically, I'm currently studying MA/ MSc Innovation Design Engineering (IDE), a unique double master’s programme that has been run jointly between Imperial College London and Royal College of Art for 40 years. This programme seeks innovation through synergy between creativity, science and technology to create value for society. It has a strong focus on the exploration and development of impactful innovation through critical observation, disruptive design thinking, experimentation, exploration of emergent technologies, advanced engineering and enterprise activities.

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